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Q: How big is the Dick Campo Big Band?

A: The band is composed of 16 musicians - which include male and female vocalist.

Q: Being a big band, it must be expensive?

A: The band is surprisingly affordable, especially in the New England area since it is based in Connecticut. The dedication and the pride we have in the band is more important than high financial rewards. In many cases the cost is not much different than some smaller groups. Our main concern is to provide a first rate performance at an affordable fee.

Q: The band must take up alot of space?

A: Not really, we need a minimum area of 18' wide by 14' deep. We prefer larger but we can make 18'x14' work.

Q: That's a large group, is it loud?

A: Many smaller groups and DJs are actually louder than we. Sometimes they turn the volume way up. We use a sound system mainly for the vocalist and announcing. Also, because of our special musical arrangements the band is capable of producing quiet, lush music as well as thundering, exciting music. We are only loud when we are supposed to be! We adapt very well to the situation.

Dancing to the music

Q: How does the band look and dress?

A: The band portrays a neat, professional appearance from attractive music stands with logo to black tuxedos. For less formal affairs, we wear uniform shirts and trousers.

Q: What type of music does the Dick Campo Big Band play?

A: We play just about any type of swing music, jazz, romantic ballads, Latin, and some light rock. Besides performing many of our own custom musical arrangements we perform authentic arrangements of such greats as Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and others. Sound bites and our CD "Somewhere in Time" is a representation of the band's quality. We do adapt our playlist to the event.

Q: What makes the Dick Campo Big Band different from other big bands?

A: Unlike most big bands, this is not a pick up band, but a polished, experienced group of handpicked musicians who have played together for several years. The musicians, the arrangements are first rate. It's Big Band music at it's best!

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Phone: (860) 912-3473
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The Dick Campo Big Band
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